How can UI/ UX Designers contribute to avoiding Pandemic COVID-19? Credits

The global outbreak of coronavirus has changed the whole concept of living on this earth. It has affected every aspect globally, and the IT sector is facing the circumstances as well. Although the effect of COVID-19 is not as severe for the IT companies as the other industries are facing, the challenges are there.
However, it is also a test for UI/ UX designers to accept this challenge and contribute the world through their skills and expertise.
Overall, the businesses have slowed down, which has affected the whole world. The industry and the stock markets have crashed. The aviation, manufacturing, and tourism industries are on the stack. In this difficult situation, maybe the IT industry is performing at its full potential due to the reason for working from home. Therefore, the IT industry is one of only those few ones that can participate in the wellbeing of humankind.

However, the question is “how can UI/ UX designers contribute?” Factually, there are many options that an IT company or the professionals help the world deal with coronavirus more intelligently. Some of the examples are already available. For example, the infographics for educating the layman are playing a major role in developing understanding about the disease.

We can experience some of the major efforts in the educational signboards, brochures, and social media posts and banners. The UI/ UX professionals
have designed these campaigns in such a way that the illiterates of developing and under-developing countries learn easily about coronavirus, its symptoms, and precautionary measures.

The most important aspect to keep coronavirus away in the current situation is living the conscious and protected life. For that, the experts suggest numerous techniques and methods. However, electronic and print media have developed such a panic that people try to avoid these media. The websites and social media pages are the only options that many people spend their time with. Therefore, the web and graphic designers need to keep the public informed by providing them the maximum information about coronavirus and guidelines to avoid this deadly disease. For that, they can go for awareness websites, social media campaigns, and awareness-based banners.

Another opportunity is introducing fund-generation campaigns via the internet. The reason is that many people around us suffering due to a lack of opportunities in the market. Many daily wagers and small businesses are suffering a lot due to lockdowns and curfews in the world. By online fund-raising campaigns, IT companies can generate funds and help the needy.

Last but not the least opportunity is helping the businesses. How can an IT company help these businesses? Well, according to several searches, around 55% of the business has been shifted to the internet. And out of this 55%, around 60% of online business is by smartphones. This percentage is higher in Europe and the United States. Moreover, after the coronavirus, this percentage has increased more. We, as UI/ UX designers, can convince the business owners, working only by physical locations, to come online and generate sales more effectively. It is also an opportunity to explore new markets and make new customers worldwide. It will not only help businesses get benefits in the current situation but can win future races as well.

Credits: pexels free images

The Bottom Line

The world economic and social life is in real danger currently and its effect will be felt in the long run as well. Therefore, the IT sector needs to generate needs in the market that will not only help the general public generally but will also keep the businesses in the mainstream particularly as well.




Habil is an IBM certified Design Thinking practitioner and a member of the Interaction Design Foundation. He has been working as a UX consultant.

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Habil Emmanuel

Habil Emmanuel

Habil is an IBM certified Design Thinking practitioner and a member of the Interaction Design Foundation. He has been working as a UX consultant.

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