The current world is the world of technology where digital products are the best selling products in the market. Many people have already been selling these products, and many have geared up to start selling. However, many of us do now know how it works to generate revenues. Another crucial aspect in this regard is the awareness about the most-selling digital products. You do not worry about it now, as the following article has been written about the most popular digital products in the market in 2021.

So, let us start this discussion!

First of all, we need to strategize…

What is Conversational UX?

In our fast-changing world of technology where robots are no longer a thing of the future, bots are becoming increasingly common in our day to day interactions. GUI (graphic user interface) is being overtaken by CUI (conversational user interface).

Conversational UX is used for things like booking tickets, making reservations at restaurants, finding out general information and queries (something that was previously called faq in visual design). There are a lot more possibilities and the sky’s the limit.

Understanding the Basics

UX (user experience) is basically the way we interact with any media device. With conversational UX, Instead of scrolling around and clicking…

Design Credit:

One of the most basic skills set for a designer is how to create prototypes for a product. This includes drawing sketches with pen/ pencil and paper and creating visuals on digital devices. If you have a general sense of design, you can add a bit of knowledge about UI/ UX to create prototypes for websites and apps.

It is becoming popular by the day for companies to prototype their websites and apps to save up on valuable time, money, and resources.

Saving up on Resources

Understanding the basic procedure of prototyping is self-explanatory in how we save up on valuable time and money…

In all our efforts as a UI/ UX designer in minimizing the efforts of search while a website use is exploring your online information or products, navigation has a key role. The reason is the engagement that navigation creates if it is properly implemented. Many IT companies do not bother it extensively, but when users find that there is no relationship among pages and they lose their way in exploring the website, they design a very negative image of you. … Credits

The global outbreak of coronavirus has changed the whole concept of living on this earth. It has affected every aspect globally, and the IT sector is facing the circumstances as well. Although the effect of COVID-19 is not as severe for the IT companies as the other industries are facing, the challenges are there.
However, it is also a test for UI/ UX designers to accept this challenge and contribute the world through their skills and expertise.
Overall, the businesses have slowed down, which has affected the whole world. The industry and the stock markets have crashed. The aviation, manufacturing…

Humans are emotional species. We tend to interpret things and judge them according to the feelings that they invoke among us. These feelings might vary on a large scale; while positive experiences cause us to be more curious about using something further, negative emotions proceed in making us avoid interacting with the product altogether. Depending on these feelings and emotions, we percept and try to understand the function and purpose of everything present around us.

Norman’s 3 Levels of Emotional Design

In the book “Emotional Design”, researcher and author Don Norman explains three levels of design based on how people…

The era of Robotics and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is approaching fast towards us. Every facet of our lives is being impacted by this new trend. According to some people, almost 2 million of manual human jobs are expected to be gone till 2030. With almost every industry and profession embracing AI because of all the perks it has to offer, UI/UX Design is not staying behind.

AI is already being successfully implemented in the field of enhanced user experience. Examples like virtual assistances, voice recognizers, and CHATBOTS are living proof of the high productivity of this technology.

Nevertheless, after all this…

Dashboards are one of the primary elements of user experience. They are becoming popular by the day because they provide precise summarised insights to detailed information and data sets of a product. Users can get straight to work using these insights instead of dwelling in and trying to decode confusing data. Everything from the intended user, the data is provided, the way the data is presented and the overall design needs to be well thought out. If you do not spend time on this initial research, then your final dashboard will be useless and a waste of time for the…

The success of a design completely depends upon how the users interact with it. The easier it is for people to understand and process their work, the more willing they will be to use the product. Thus, it is important for the designers to have enough knowledge of how a human will engage with the interface, especially the pattern of how his eyes would pick up the visual information so they can design an efficient visual hierarchy, i.e. the order in which users interpret the data on a page.

The more we design according to the visual processing of the…

Habil Emmanuel

Habil is an IBM certified Design Thinking practitioner and a member of the Interaction Design Foundation. He has been working as a UX consultant.

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